Asia la mascotte della tenuta


Horseback riding

The equestrian center at the Tenuta I Mandorli provides its guests with beautiful horses to ride along several bridle paths within the 60-hectare estate, guided by an instructor. You can explore the valleys and inland woods following specific paths designed to allow visitors to admire the beauty of the lush Tuscan countryside. A fantastic experience and a very pleasant way to get in touch with nature.

Ferro di cavallo


A Ride Through the Estate

The Tuscan countryside is not just about amazing views and colors.
It’s the happiness that comes with the silence of the countryside, the birdsongs, the whispering of the woods, and the babbling of the brooks. All details that, if listened to attentively, will allow you to enjoy a vacation that’s different to the fullest extent, relaxing and totally immersed in nature. Within its 60 hectares, you can enjoy all these pleasures, in the company of gentle horses, which will allow you to experience a vacation in complete harmony with your surroundings.


Stable + Overnight Stay

The Equestrian Center at the Tenuta I Mandorli has lovely stables at the disposal of those traveling with their own horses where they can be stabled overnight while the riders enjoy the amenities of the villa and pool, so that both horse and rider can enjoy their stay with us.

Agriturismo Tenuta i Mandorli - la statua
Asia la mascotte della tenuta



Native to the Tuscan Emiliano Appenine mountains, the Bardigiana is a breed of small horses with lush manes, and fine heads with small ears and large,deep eyes. They are a rustic, tireless breed, lively and highly intelligent. The Bardigiana measures no more than 1.49m at the shoulder and, for this reason, is classified as a pony but, given their strength and physical conformation, should more rightly come under the category of “cob horse”, or short horse. Thanks to their compact size they are ideal for trekking; they are easy to maneuvre in the woods, and their height makes it easy to mount and dismount. They are tough horses even on the roughest of terrains.
We were happy to find that Asia embodies all these characteristics. From the moment we met her we were won over. She’s lively and smart. It’s a pleasure to see her ears sticking out over the door of her stall, attentive to everything. She recognizes our voice and stretches out her muzzle as if to say, “Here I am!”. We wouldn’t even think of putting her bridle on without first giving her some pets and a snack; she’s very clear about expressing her disappointment!
Asia will help make your make your stay special, she’s sweet and well-mannered. In her company, we can visit the woods and valleys around the Estate, she’s attentive and sure-footed, an untiring companion!